By David Madden

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ (CBS) — Hack-a-thons are all the rage these days among those who are truly into computers and the internet.

Enter the New Jersey Court system, with its own competition this weekend.

It’s called CourtHack, the third in a series of competitions across the country challenging some 100 contestants to come up with new programs and apps to make the justice system easier to access online.

Tamara Kendig, a spokeswoman for the New Jersey Courts, told KYW Newsradio about some of those competing in the 30 hour event.

“They may be computer programmers in their day job and this is a fun thing for them to try on the side. They might be computer science majors or technology majors at a college or at a computer school. They could just be hobbyists who really enjoy building mobile apps or working with computer programming,” she said.

The event culminates Sunday afternoon with demonstrations and prize awards, including cash and a trip to San Francisco to work on their project with a technology company.

You can follow the event online at