FULTON COUNTY, Ga. (CBS) — A celebration in Georgia quickly turns to chaos after gunshots ring out during a child’s birthday party.

It happened Thursday night outside a home in Fulton County.

Partygoers say children were playing outside in a bounce house when they heard 20 to 30 gunshots go off.

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Two children, aged 3 and 5, were shot, as well as an adult.

“I know they’ve seen the bounce house, so obviously they knew kids were out there playing,” said witness Loranda Terrell. “I just hope … the children, or whoever was shot, are OK.”

Deanna Titus told CBS affiliate WGCL-TV that her 3-year-old grandson was shot in the back while playing in the bounce house.

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Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

There is no word on any arrests so far.