By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are two new exhibits at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Eight Red Kangaroos, native to Australia, are in a new expanded space called “Outback Outpost.”

The animals, the world’s largest marsupials, were lounging in the sun and munching on some food as the mob got comfortable with their new digs.

Visitors can even pretend to be a joey in a mama kangaroo’s pouch.

People were also flocking to the other new exhibit: “The Wings of Asia.”

It’s a screened-in free-flight aviary where guests can explore an outdoor garden with 20 birds.

“We have Golden pheasants, Tragofans, Magpies, Spotted Doves and Black Birds. All of these birds can spend most of the year outside, if not all of it,” said Ian Gereg, the Curator of Birds at the Zoo.

Visitors can also get a cup of meal worms to feed to the birds.

Entry to the aviary is an additional $2, or free with proper membership status.