PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Conservative cable news pundit Jeffrey Lord reacted to the ouster of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News by calling the advertisers that canceled or moved their commercials away from his show as more and more allegations of sexual harassment emerged hypocritical for keeping their relationship with the Clinton Foundation.

Lord told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he’s found multiple advertisers that took action against O’Reilly that are still partnering with the Clintons.

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“When I looked into this, All State Insurance, they put out this that they’re going to decide to decouple themselves from Fox and all of that kind of thing. Then you check and see that they’re working with the Clinton Foundation on ‘developing a domestic violence program.’ Now, one is left a little speechless here about this kind of thing. Mitsubishi and T Rowe Price, I could’ve gone on and on and on and on. I just picked a handful of these at random. T Rowe Price was listed as one of the ex-O’Reilly sponsors and yet you go the Federal Elections Committee and it reveals they were contributors to a political group called Investment Company Institute Political Action Committee, which, in turn, gave contributions to Hillary Clinton.”

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He questioned why they would terminate their partnership with Fox and O’Reilly but ignore the longstanding allegations against former President Bill Clinton.

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“I would think that everybody could agree that sexual harassment is a bad thing, not good. However, that said, if you really believe that, then you ought to be fairly even-handed with this. If you’re going to defund Bill O’Reilly, it would seem to me that you shouldn’t be involved in things with the Clinton Foundation. This is somebody who has a serious allegation of rape from Juanita Broaddrick, serious allegations of sexual harassment and groping and all of that sort of thing from Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones. It boggles the mind.”