HARRISBURG, Pa (CBS) — State lawmakers joined with Governor Wolf Tuesday to roll out a package of bills intended to protect students from sexual assault.

There are a total of six bills in the package of legislation to support Governor Wolf’s “It’s On Us” campaign to protect students from sexual assault.

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The governor says one of the bills would establish an amnesty policy

“Protecting students who report sexual assault to post-secondary institutions from being disciplined for other policy violations, like drug or alcohol use,” said Wolf.

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Other bills would require postsecondary institutions to offer online, anonymous reporting for students. It would expand the scope and authority of the state’s Office For Safe Schools.

It would require creation of comprehensive policies for K-thru-12 schools, expand health education standards to address consent and healthy relationships in middle and high schools, and require postsecondary schools to adopt affirmative consent standards for responding to allegations of sexual violence.

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