HARRISBURG, Pa (CBS) — The state House Liquor Control Committee has advanced two more bills as lawmakers get ready to tackle more possible reforms to alcohol sales in Pennsylvania.

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The House Liquor Control Committee earlier this month approved a pair of bills, one allowing for sales of liquor by the bottle similar to a law enacted last year allowing for wine sales in some grocery stores and restaurants – while the other bill would allow for franchised wine and spirits stores in addition to existing state stores.

On Tuesday, the panel advanced two more bills. One would allow wine to be sold in all grocery stores and would divest the state’s wholesale wine system.

The other would lease and then divest the entire wholesale system of wine and spirits.

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Republican Adam Harris, the committee chairman, says the four bills don’t exactly complement each other.

“We kind of need to have a long discussion and sort of decide which direction we want to go,” said Harris. “But in fairness all the parties, we wanted to get all those bills out first.”

It may all be for naught, as Governor Wolf does not support the latest crop of booze bills.

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