By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some city kids get a feel for country life, all in the name of education as Spring is sheep shearing season where their wool is cut, and put to use.

Toddlers and parents visiting the American Swedish Historical Museum Tuesday got to learn all about it, by hearing stories, singing songs and playing with actual sheep.

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Lauren Burnham with the American Swedish Historical Museum says they are hosting this program to teach kids about things important to Sweedish culture.

“To help kids understand where wool comes from and how clothing is made and it doesn’t just come from a rack at the store. It comes from an animal,” she said.

Burnham also wanted to expose city kids to things they might not usually see.

“What we’re trying to do expose them to the actual animal, and go through every step of the process,” she said.

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Even though this was an educational moment, many of the kids had their minds on other things.

“They’re so cute” said one child.

Another added, “They were so fluffy.”

And what was most important to one particular kid, “What I liked most about them, is that I feeded them.”

Many of the parents who came out say, this kind of hands on educational experience is priceless.