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By Dom Giordano

9:00-SNL mocks President Trump’s first 100 days of accomplishments. 

9:10-Patriot’s Day 2017 in Boston.

9:20-Virginia Tech shooting 10th anniversary.

9:35-Former Vice President Joe Biden interview with “Teen Vogue” on sexual assault.

9:50-Charles Barkley uncomfortable with Isaiah Thomas’ crying prior to game 1 of the NBA playoffs against the Bulls.

10:10-No chance Philadelphia makes an $80 million impact from the NFL draft. 

10:20-Steve Cohen, what he knows about O’Reilly.

11:00-Senator Mitch McConnell won’t say hello to Senator Elizabeth Warren.

11:10-Buying insurance from a convicted thief or murderer.

11:35-Christina School Board President, Elizabeth Paige, joined discussing their decision to establish protections for undocumented students.

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