HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS)– The Pennsylvania Department of Health is seeking two individuals who may have been bitten by a possible rabid ferret.

The department says they are searching for two individuals who were observed handling the animal and may have been bitten: one woman is described as being in her mid-20s with blonde hair riding or driving in a black van. The male is approximately in his mid-20s with multiple piercings.

A third individual was bitten and received treatment, the department says.

The aggressive animal has been spotted near a single lane bridge along Cherry Lane, just south of Hustontown.

Anyone who sees the animal should not approach or try to capture it, but rather call the Pennsylvania Game Commission at 814-643-1831

According to the health department, exposure includes either having been bitten or scratched by an animal, or had saliva, nervous system fluid, or tissue from an animal enter a person’s eyes, nose, mouth, or open wound. Under these circumstances, individuals should seek immediate medical attention

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