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By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Part of the traditional Philadelphia Polish Easter experience is standing in line for meat in Port Richmond.

Folks don’t seem to mind standing in line at Swiacki Meats; in fact, they say it’s a tradition, and it’s worth it to get their Polish delicacies.

“Kielbasi, fresh rye, we have some pound cake, butter cake. As for food, we’re going to do the traditional lamb, the snowflake rolls, and the potato and macaroni salad and all that fun stuff,” said one customer.

As for the the wait:

“Yeah, it’s not bad. It’s only 45 minutes,” said another customer.

“My sister’s texting me: get a babka, get this! Get that! So, she’s adding to my list right now,” said yet another patient customer.

Folks say you have to have all the traditional foods when the family comes together for Easter.

“That’s what it’s about! Yeah, food! That’s one of the only things to bring them back!” one customer explained.

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