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By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia man has been arrested for delivering drugs officials say caused a death in Montgomery County.

Authorities have charged 44-year-old Angel Leon with Drug Delivery Resulting in Death after 52-year-old Roger Korfmann died from an overdose in Upper Merion in February.

District Attorney Kevin Steele says that charge is similar to 3rd Degree Murder.

“When we’re able to show that was the cause of death, we’re going to charge in homicide. Second time we’ve done it this year, I anticipate more,” he said.

Steele says around 250 people died of overdoses in Montgomery County last year.

“Drug Dealers should be very fearful of delivering drugs; heroin, fentanyl, pills, in Montgomery County, because we’re investigating these as homicides,” Steele said.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro has this warning: “If you kill a buyer, we are going to hold you accountable for the death of that buyer.”

Shapiro says when drug users find out someone died from a specific batch, they want it even more because of the potential high.

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