Me N Mo, 214 South Street, Queen Village

The “Me” in the name of this small South Street foodery stands for “meatballs.” The “Mo” stands for “more.” We didn’t go for the more, which included the likes of Norwegian salmon and osso buco. Tempting, yes, but we were here for the meatballs.

Ten bucks buys you the “Meatball Party,” a festive-sounded offering that send to your table  four walnut-sized meatballs, along with bread. Me N Mo rotates six varieties, and you can mix and match. We tried the Classic (beef, veal and pork), the Beef (laced with parsley, garlic and parm), and the Spicy Pork (filled with hot cherry peppers). All were slathered in a spicy meat sauce.

Each variety was decent to good. The best was the Classic, which had a wonderful soft texture and multi-layered taste. Not among the Top Ten meatballs we’ve overloaded on over the past month, but good enough that we’d return down the road.

The draw at this BYOB really is the variety, the opportunity to try many tastes on the same plate. Come if you’re curious.

Score: 79/100

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