HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Saying he’s not perfect, and he’s made mistakes, Lt. Governor Mike Stack Wednesday responded to reports that he’s being investigated for alleged mistreatment of his security detail and other staffers.

Lt. Governor Mike Stack’s office has acknowledged that he received a letter saying the Office of Inspector General was investigating “staffing issues.” On Wednesday, Stack opened a press conference by expressing his great respect for state police…and, acknowledging mistakes were made, he apologized for things he or his wife may have said in anger or under stress. Stack was asked if that meant he had berated staff members for performance that was not to his satisfaction.

“No. I don’t think that’s accurate,” Stack said. “But what I will say is…I’ve not been always perfect. I’ve not always said what I should have said.”

Stack also would not admit that he ordered his drivers to use sirens or to speed, saying instead that if he ever had given them the impression that he wanted them to do that while in a hurry, he apologizes for that, because it’s wrong.

But Stack says he and his wife will do better.