By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eagles defensive lineman Brandon Graham revealed what he thinks Howie Roseman, Joe Douglas and company should do with the 14th overall pick.

“I don’t want to say what I really feel as far as who I think we gonna get, but you know either corner or running back I feel,” Graham said Wednesday on the 94WIP Carlin & Reese Show. “That’s just what I hope for and then a middle linebacker. It’s out of them three.”

Listen: Brandon Graham on the 94WIP Carlin & Reese Show


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Graham also said, “I love that middle linebacker,” which Ike Reese surmised to be Alabama’s Reuben Foster.

As for as the Eagles’ defense in particular, Graham believes the Eagles will draft multiple cornerbacks.

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“I think we need Jalen Mills to make that second leap, that leap to stardom this year,” Graham said. “And I think we draft two corners and hopefully get two hits. And we just roll from there. Because you really have to take away the quarterback’s first read and most of the time he’s going to his go to guy.

“We’ve got Odell Beckham who play against, who [Eli] Manning loves to go to. We gotta make sure we have somebody on him that can at least take him away, even without double teaming him sometimes because this is a game of one-on-one’s. You need to win your one-on-one’s and we need guys like that who are going to compete.”