By Kristina Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local software developer has launched a side project to make it easier for residents to contact their U.S. congress members and senators by mail.

Ryan Epp, 26, says he came up with the idea after he had a difficult time getting in contact with Senator Pat Toomey’s office.

“No one was picking up the phone. I called 25 times and I went to write him a letter and was out of stamps. So then I got more frustrated, and I thought there should be something to do this for you and someone else to do this for you.”

And so, came into fruition.

Ryan says a user enters their zip code and the website will determine their senator and local congress member. Then the user can type out their message, submit it, and Snail Mail Congress takes care of the rest.

Ryan says right now it costs $1.28 to get your letter sent.

“I’m doing it myself so far, but I have a fall back in case someone like Ellen DeGeneres tweets about it,” he says laughing. “So I have a third party service and the cost is based on what they charge me.”

He adds that his website is totally bipartisan, but there are limits on what messages he will mail.

“I made the rule ahead of time to draw the line at death threats, but everything else from Tea Party conservatives all the way to communists.”

As for how many letters he’s sent so far, he doesn’t disclose an exact number but says, “There have been so many that they haven’t fit in the mailbox.”

For more information on Snail Mail Congress, click here. 

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