PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A story about prom dates getting married isn’t too unusual, but a couple in South Bend, Indiana tied the knot more than six decades after going to the dance together.

Joyce Kevorkian and Jim Bowman went to prom back in 1953.

They say they were only having fun and didn’t think about it much. They went their separate ways and married different people.

But 50 years later, both had lost their spouses and Bowman decided to write Kevorkian a letter.

And soon, Bowman popped the big question.

Joyce recalls, “I remember you said on the phone ‘will you marry me?’ And I said ‘that’s a good idea.’”

“Getting together was meant to be,” Jim says. “They say a person never forgets their first real love and it was like there was a spark that was still smoldering in each of our hearts.”

The two married in a small ceremony with some friends and family.

They just returned from their honeymoon.

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