PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Whether it’s a city-wide protest, or a large fight at a sports stadium, Philadelphia dispatchers are the central part of any emergency situation, keeping the callers calm, gathering information and directing rescuers and police.

Tuesday, the Philadelphia Police Department honored three stand outs at a special awards ceremony.

Sargent Greg Masi of the Communication Division explained how the department has more than 300 city dispatchers that handle about 10,000 calls daily from both officers and the public including, “Everything from domestics to missing persons, to crimes in progress to reports of crime.”

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Masi went on to say, “They are trained so well, they are able to switch hats pretty quickly to talk to a complainant and get the important information we need to know to make the officer safe when responding.”


The trio honored were Mary Bunyard, Jeffrey Buehler and Susan Peck — all who officials say have gone above and beyond their call of duty. Peck says it’s busier than ever for city dispatchers.

“With all the protests going on with them going down Broad Street and Vine Street and everything,” said Peck.

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Masi says they are the calm within the chaos.

“Everything starts with a 9-1-1 call,” he said.

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