PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — One study says phones carry more germs than a public toilet seat. If that’s not enough to make you clean your device right now…

“It’s simple stuff, we just don’t do it because we’re so busy.”

But wiping it on your jeans won’t do the trick. And senior editor Bridget Carey says don’t reach for the paper towels or tissues.

“What you need in your arsenal is a microfiber cloth, or a lint-free dry cloth.”

You might already have one in your glasses case. Fill a spray bottle 80% of the way with water, and the rest with isopropyl alcohol.

“Never spray directly on the screen.”

A couple spritzes on the cloth, and you’re good to wipe the device.

For your power port, headphone jack, and earbuds, eschew the Q-Tip:

“You’ll be left with another mess. A dry toothbrush is actually the best thing to get lint and debris out.”

To your computer, now, where dust bunnies are one thing, but real critters?

“Vermin of all kinds, most often dead — not always, and then we end up having to fumigate our tech shop.”

Jeff Kemper has seen it all as customer service manager at Micro Center in St. Davids. How you can keep out what’s gross?

“On a monthly basis…”

Unplug your desktop…

“Take it outside, of course…”

Open up the side panel…

“Blow it out with canned air. Keep the dust from building up.”

For your laptop…

“Same thing. Blow in and out through the fan, either in the bottom or through the vents on the side.”