PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new report by a non-profit gun control advocacy website shows the number of road rage incidents involving guns is on the rise.

The report by The Trace found there were more than 1,300 gun-related road rage incidents nationwide between January 2014 and December 2016.

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146 of those incidents were in Florida, the highest number in the country.

Florida State Senator and gun proponent Dennis Baxley says guns aren’t to blame for the issue.

“This is a cultural problem that we have, and it’s accelerated by the use of drugs in our culture. A gun is an inanimate object, it accelerates nothing,” said Baxley. “It’s only a weapon when someone decides to use it as a weapon.”

The report also found more than 130 people nationwide were killed in road rage incidents involving firearms over the past two years, and about 360 have been wounded.

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