By David Spunt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–April 10, 2017 marks 105 years since Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage from England. Four days later, 1,500 people lost their lives when the ship hit an iceberg.

To honor the ship and passengers, a Bucks County man is creating a virtual reality experience. Tom Lynskey and two friends are working tirelessly to create “Titanic: Honor and Glory.” It’s a high definition virtual reality video game honoring the famous ship.

The game will allow players to walk through every part of the ship, while solving a murder mystery.

“It’s not just a sinking ship. It’s not just any other disaster. It was one of those things that everyone in the world had so much confidence in and then it just happened in the middle of the night without any help,” Lynskey told Eyewitness News.

Bucks County Man Creates Titanic Virtual Reality Game

Lynskey and his team created a real time sinking of the ship available on YouTube. The video is approaching 20 million views.

Eyewitness News first introduced you to the project last summer, but Lynskey has updated and new graphics like the famous boiler room he’s sharing on television for the first time.

“Titanic had six different boiler rooms and they were all slightly different. This one is boiler room six. It’s actually the boiler room that was ripped open by the iceberg,” Lynskey said.

The project is gaining so much popularity, Lynskey and his team are flying to California in two weeks to meet with popular studio to discuss funding. He can’t get into details just yet, but his goal is to have the game available to spread his love of history.

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“Video games can be tasteful, and historical and educational and be used as a way to make this information stick,” he said.

Lynskey his team are working toward $7 million fundraising goal.

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