By Dom Giordano

9:00-President Trump orders an air strike on a Syrian airfield.

9:15-Former Ambassador John Bolton joined discussing the attack on the Syrian airfield last night and Susan Rice’s involvement with the unmasking of Americans.

9:25-Ron Paul “zero chance” Assad did this chemical attack.

9:45-Single, fastest strike Martha Raddatz has ever seen.

10:00-Don Rickles passes away at age 90.

10:20-Judge Gorsuch confirmed through the Senate after “nuclear option.” 

10:35-Hillary Clinton puts blame on her Presidential loss.

10:45-Lou Gaul takes us to the movies.

11:00-Co-Chairman for the Study of Terrorism and John Templeton Fellow, Ed Turzanski, joined discussing the next steps following the airstrike in Syria.

11:35-Game of the week.

11:45-Colonel Allen West joined with his reaction to the airstrike in Syria.

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