By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Amazon Rainforest comes to life at Adventure Aquarium in Camden.

Piranha Falls is now open at Adventure Aquarium. The exhibit features a lush rainforest with two water falls. Guests can watch as an intense rainstorm, complete with lighting and thunder, comes through.

The stars of the show, 125 red-bellied Piranhas, can be viewed through the glass as they swim in 5,000 gallons of water

“When the sunlight pierces through the canopy in our exhibit, it really shows off their glittery gold sides. Their red bellies are also pronounced with the sunlight, and then the school just swims back and forth across the window of the exhibit,” said Mark Kind, Director of Husbandry and project manager for Piranha Falls.

The story of piranhas and their role in the ecosystem is told. Parrots found in the Amazon are in an adjacent enclosure.

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