PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Richard Pollack, a Senior Investigative Reporter at the Daily Caller, talked with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the level of surveillance of the Trump Campaign during the presidential election, saying multiple agencies were involved and coordinated their efforts.


“During the pre-inaugural period, when President-elect Trump was preparing to take office, a whole range of different agencies in the intelligence community were able to get this raw intelligence about phone calls Trump and Trump officials were undertaking after the election and after they won the election. There were no more silos. This was spread throughout the entire intelligence community and many career bureaucrats, as well as, political officials had access to that.”

Pollack also believes it is possible that the other Republican presidential candidates from last year’s primary were monitored.

“Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, there were many other people who were considered more likely to go the Oval Office. I think that it’s very possible that we’ll see a large number of Republican candidates were under surveillance. There’s also a question about the 17 Republicans who were running for re-election last year. We’re any of them under surveillance? There’s a whole question about whether other members of Congress, in general, especially in the national security field, were under surveillance. I think we’re at the beginning, not at the middle or end of this, we’re just starting.”

He thinks the level of surveillance has yet to be determined and an investigation needs to be launched to find out how wide of a net was cast.

“How many other federal officials or political officials throughout the national security and intelligence community were privy to this campaign? We do not know at this point. These are all the kinds of questions that I think both Congress, as well as, perhaps, the Justice Department really have to figure out.”