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By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia City council, put a temporary end to reserving parking spaces for electric vehicles Thursday, over the pleas of many of the vehicle owners, and it was a rare divided vote in council.

In a body that passes most bills unanimously, the 11 to six vote shows this one was controversial.

The spaces, created by a 2007 law, were designed to encourage adoption of electric cars but co-sponsor Mark Squilla says the fact that there are just 56 after ten years shows it didn’t work.

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He says the moratorium will give council time to work on a better system, an argument rejected by Mary Pisculli who chided council for leaving EV owners like her in the lurch.

“It undercuts the credibility of this council when it sponsors an initiative, citizens heed the call and then it pulls the rug out from under them,” said Pisculli.

He wanted current space holders grandfathered in but those spaces will be up for grabs during the day. Mayor Kenney, who sponsored the 2007 law, said he was sad but probably will sign the bill.

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