THE VILLAGE, Okla. (CBS) — A homeowner isn’t hurt after a swarm of bees falls right on her head.

Thousands of bees dropped on top of April Collins’ head.

She was in her front yard in The Village, Oklahoma, with a beekeeper trying to take down a beehive, when the bees came out.

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Collins wasn’t wearing any protection, but she wasn’t stung.

“I don’t know if it’s the vibe or what,” Collins said.

The beekeeper, however, wasn’t as lucky.

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“I did get at least three stings this morning, that’s the way it goes,” said Ron the beekeeper. “Usually the bees are swarming like this are looking for a new home, so they’re not necessarily aggressive like if you go into their hive.”

The bees are getting a new home in the beekeeper’s backyard.