By Kate Bilo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We’ve been stuck in a stormy pattern to finish out March and start April – persistent rainstorms with only a brief break in between. And this week is no different!

We’ve finally bid farewell to the storm that brought heavy rainfall to the area Monday night, but now only a one day break before our next strong storm arrives on Thursday, again with the threat for heavy rain and gusty thunderstorms.

Skies will be clearing overnight, leading to a sunny, mild Wednesday with a high around 70 degrees. Get outside and enjoy it if you can, because our next system will arrive as early as the pre-dawn hours on Thursday. This one will move in from the south and west, bringing abundant moisture and also the threat for thunderstorms. We’ll deal with rounds of rain and thunder all day Thursday, possibly with a few lulls in the action, but you can expect unsettled and stormy conditions at any time from about 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday, impacting both commutes.

Any of the thunderstorms could be locally strong, with the biggest threats being intense downpours and gusty winds.

The worst of this system will clear out Thursday night, but we’ll still have low pressure lurking over the northeast on Friday, leading to a cloudy, cool and potentially damp day for the Phillies’ home opener. It doesn’t look like a washout and the game likely will be played, but prepare for cool weather with first pitch temperatures in the mid-50’s and the chance for a shower.

The good news? We’ll clear it out and welcome the sun back just in time for the weekend, and temperatures will be on the way up – back to the 70’s by early next week!