PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Face the Nation Moderator John Dickerson discussed the shocking revelation that former Director of National Security, Michael Flynn, who resigned just weeks after Trump took office for lying to VP Pence about conversations he had with Russian Diplomats, is interested in speaking to Congressional investigators on the condition he is granted immunity.

Dickerson told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that, of all the campaign officials caught up in the scandal over Russian interference in the election, Flynn has the closes ties to Trump.

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“If there’s one person who could have a great story to tell, of the characters we know, it would be Michael Flynn…Flynn was right at Donald Trump’s elbow in some of these crucial meetings during the campaign. He was his adviser on foreign policy. They spoke and saw the world in very similar ways. Flynn was the one who had direct relations, known direct relations, with the Russians…Flynn had conversations with the Russian ambassador before the election took. So, if there was somebody you’d want to know the full story from, it would be Michael Flynn. So, that’s what makes this such an interesting development.”

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He also believes Flynn’s legal team is making the right decision to seek immunity before speaking with investigators.

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“If I were a lawyer, that would be what I’d ask for in the partisan environment that we’re in. Michael Flynn is right at the center of the story of Russian meddling in the election and you want to ask for immunity because you want to just make sure he doesn’t get caught in some partisan back and forth. It’s not a certainty that he’s got some, sort of, great story to tell. His lawyer says he’s got a great story to to tell, but that’s what a lawyer would do because you want to make it sound like you have a great story to get the immunity and then if people are disappointed in the story you tell, well that doesn’t matter. You’ve gotten your immunity.”