By Hadas Kuznits

SPRINGFIELD, Pa. (CBS) — Friday’s anticipated health care vote prompted rallies around the state and across the country one of which was in Springfield, Delaware County.

Mary Donahue with Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania says protesters outside Congressman Patrick Meehan’s Springfield office were just one group expressing opposition ahead of the health care vote which ended up being pulled from legislation.

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“Planned Parenthood is organizing pop-up rallies across the state at congressional district offices because of the defunding that is attached to the A.C.A. repeal, ” said Donahue.

Protesters attempted to speak with employees in Meehan’s office to express their concerns.

“If they’re gonna pass a bill that restricts women’s access to health care, maternity care! Then absolutely no money for prostate care, because I don’t want to pay for it,” one protester said.

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Office employees allowed protesters to write down their concerns before asking them to leave the building.

“All I can hope is that they’re aware that people are upset; that they’re aware that people are not happy with what’s going on,” another protester said.

Donahue says perhaps that’s an encouraging sign as protesters then gathered on the sidewalk.

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“The more we can agitate, the better,” Donahue added. “Reactions like that just kind of fuel us to keep going because it means that we are getting to them.”