PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Many of us have that one friend who is always at the gym, or working on his or her fitness. But one Wisconsin woman is a true gym fanatic, and she is in her late 80s.

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Delores Steil is a fitness instructor at the YMCA in Beloit near the border of Illinois.

She has been teaching an hour-long class there for more than 27 years.

It is easy to call the 88-year-old an inspiration, but she says she does not think of herself as one.

“I don’t feel special, but my daughters do. They think it’s pretty great,” Steil says.

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One of her students, Marjorie Hodgkins says, “The first time we came we thought we were not going to get through it. She does not stop. She goes for a full hour. She is amazing.”

Her students say they love her class. Steil says she has no plans to quit anytime soon.