By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Spring was made official as we marked the vernal equinox at 6:29 this morning!

While the first day of the new season looks sunny and tranquil with generally typical temperatures, we’re about to take a roller coaster ride on the thermometer over the next seven days. A series of fronts is the culprit for our variable  daytime highs.


First up, a cold front – which crosses the region late Tuesday night. That sends temperatures on a pretty significant nosedive as Arctic air is ushered in Wednesday and Thursday. It might as well be early winter those days with highs only projected in the low or mid 40s. We’ll see sunshine courtesy of high pressure, but Wednesday looks especially chilly with a cold wind that’ll keep wind chill values in the upper 20’s or 30s!

A warm front is next in line. Arriving Friday, it sends the mercury rebounding to the mid 50s and we are pegging Saturday to spike all the way to the mid 60s! Worth a mention, another storm moves in this weekend. But with temperatures soaring leading up to its arrival, it looks primarily like a rain producer (most likely on Sunday).

Happy Spring!