WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — Authorities say a teenager was rescued from a drainage tube in the area of the Market Street Bridge in Wilmington, Delaware.

Officials say they received a call around 7:43 a.m. Monday for the report of a juvenile sitting on the rocks below.

Upon arrival, officers found a 14-year-old male sitting inside of a drainage tube by the retaining wall adjacent to the Wilmington pumping station.

Police say they received a call indicating that the juvenile jumped from the Market Street Bridge and was seen swimming to the drainage tube where he took refuge.

A water rescue was deployed to rescue the teen.

Authorities say a single rescuer was lowered to the male where he was assessed for injuries. Officials say he was verbal, had no injuries, and showed no signs of hypothermia.

Crews wrapped the teen in blankets until he could be extricated from the drainage tube.

The teen was then hoisted to EMS workers above and transported to AI Du Pont Hospital for Children.

After 55 minutes, police say the scene was placed under control and the Market Street Bridge has reopened.