By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you have the next great innovation for health care, you could take home the prize next month.

There are two parts to Jefferson Health’s Jaz Tank Competition; one for people with a business plan and that comes with a prize of $10,000 dollars. Jefferson Executive Vice President for Innovation Rose Ritts says the other part is for those in the system.

“There’s an opportunity track which is for clinicians, staff and students who have identified a challenge in their day-to-day life and are looking for a product, solution or business plan,” Ritts said. “The winners get matched in teams to start working on their great ideas to get them off the ground.”

Several past winners will soon become reality.

“There was a solution that we’re working on to better find skilled nursing facilities for patients on discharge, there are new materials that are heat sensitive and are being used in a number of applications throughout the system,” Ritts said.

Submissions are due by Friday, March 24 and the winners will be announced April 18.