By Mark Abrams

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. (CBS) — If you’re accustomed to cruising through the E-Z Pass express lanes at the mid-county interchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, you’ll have to slow down and divert to the regular E-Z Pass lane for the next couple of weeks.

Pennsylvania Turnpike officials say they need to upgrade the electronics in the Express Lanes and that’s a job that can’t be accomplished with traffic flowing through them.

The regular E-Z pass lanes where drivers have to slow to at least 10 mph will be open for the duration of the job which is expected to be completed by April 10.

Jessica who lives in Plymouth Meeting, but uses the turnpike frequently, wasn’t happy to hear the news.

“I think it will stink really because I’m from Jersey so I’m going back and forth all the time. And, yeah, I mean, that doesn’t even make sense. Well, why did they do that?”

Abrams: “They’re re-doing the electronics.”

“Oh, okay.”

There were some brief backups during the rush hour and turnpike officials are advising you to build a little extra time into your commute to account for the slowdown.