LONDON GRILL, 2301 Fairmount Avenue, Fairmount

This is, by far, the best value we’ve found during this year’s Food Hunt. Every Monday is Meatball Night at this bar-and-grill up on Fairmount near the museums. For just six bucks, you get a piping hot plate with three large, distinctly different meatballs. Go during happy hour and all the beer – including the Anchor Steam Blood Orange we ordered – is a dollar off. All in all, an enjoyable meal for less than $11.

And those bargain meatballs? Pretty good. The chef changes the lineup every week and is damned creative. One week it’s duck with cherry mostarda, the next it’s lamb and feta, the next, well, you’ll have to find out yourself.

On this March Monday, the base was chicken. And for those who may turn up your nose at chicken meatballs, that would be your mistake. The traditional meatball with cheese in a red sauce was decent. The creamy garlic meatball was l pleasant spin on an Alfredo sauce. And the honey sriracha meatball was spicy enough to make our scalp sweat. Hey, send over another of those Anchor Steams.

Nice effort all around. For price, tastiness and atmosphere, the London Grill wins our admiration. We’ll be back.

Score: 84/100

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