Alyssa Naimoli

The NCAA Tournament will crown a champion on April 3. It happens every year early in April for the one team that rises above the bracket. It’s an elite group to be sure. But even among the winners, a few teams stand out.

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Fan Essentials highlights these teams on the recent episode Most Dominant Team Ever. CBS Sports Radio and WFAN talent tell the stories of teams that made history and raised the bar.

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“Strongest tournament performance — start to finish — I’m gonna go back to 1976,” said Gregg Giannotti, co-host of Gio & Jones. “The last time we saw an undefeated team: Bobby Knight and Indiana.”

Indiana had a “margin of victory of 18 points” that season and “won the Championship game by 18 points and crushed everybody.”

“We’re never gonna see a team like that every again with the way college basketball is now,” said Giannotti. “So, I wanna go back to that last undefeated team and sorta reminisce, because if you wanna talk about flexing your muscles, they did it.”

Brandon Tierney, co-host of Tiki and Tierney, didn’t go back quite so far, opting for the 1984-85 Villanova Wildcats team.

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“Villanova that year wasn’t anything special,” said Tierney. “Coming through the season, they’re not ranked, kind of an afterthought in the BIG EAST… at least for that season.”

“Find me a team that did more with less than that ’84-’85 Villanova team, I mean come on,” said Tierney. “I think you’ll be looking all day, because I don’t think it exists.”

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Evan Roberts, co-host of Benigno & Roberts on New York’s WFAN, only went back a decade.

“Strongest performance ever — start to finish — was when Florida was going for the repeat [’06-’07] and brought back the same starting unit [in ’07] to try and do it again,” said Roberts. “Because of the pressure, because of the fact that they were trying to repeat as National Champions and doing it with the same unit; it hadn’t been done ever.”

Tiki Barber, co-host of Tike & Tierney, thinks Kansas’s unlikely underdog victory in the 1988 tournament ranks among the most dominant performances.

“Kansas… went on this epic NCAA run,” said Barber. “In the Elite 8, they had to take on Kansas State, who they lost to in their Conference final, [but] they beat them.”

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“Then, they had to play Duke, who was number two, and they beat them,” Barber continued. “Then, they played Oklahoma, who was stacked, and they beat them. So, I think their run in ’87-’88 was epic.”