By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Last week’s report from the Congressional Budget Office on the Republican health insurance plan set off alarm bells for health care advocates, because it said 24 million Americans would lose their coverage.

An analysis of the report shows what the impact would be locally.

Marc Stier of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center says the CBO report confirms his earlier estimate that more than one million Pennsylvanians will lose insurance under the republican plan, but there’s a slight shift in who loses.

He says more people may be able to stay on Medicaid, but more workers may lose job benefits.

“It looks like in Pennsylvania we may lose 280,000 to 300,000 people who get insurance through their employer because of different incentives the law creates,” Stier said.

There are other winners and losers. Young people may see lower premiums, but people over 40 will pay more.

Stier says a 60-year-old in Philadelphia will pay about $7,000 more, for a worse plan.

“Rather than covering 70% or 80% of the cost of health care, they’ll cover 50-60%,” Stier explained.

Stier sees little good news for the region.

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