By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Fraternal Order of Police has announced its endorsement of one of the candidates in the crowded race for Philadelphia District Attorney. The same candidate also secured the number one slot on the ballot.

On May 16th, former city managing director Rich Negrin’s name will be the first name voters see on the ballot in the category of district attorney. And John McNesby of the Philadelphia FOP is hoping voters see his name every day leading up to the primary.

“That billboard that we have on I-95 will be replaced with his name,” McNesby said. “We will have people on the street, we will have people knocking on doors, we will have correspondence in the mail.”

The FOP is throwing their weight behind Negrin — and so is the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers and Hispanic Officers Association. Guardian Civic League President Rochelle Bilal says Negrin is a rare point of agreement with the FOP.

“He’s not a lock up everybody person,” Bilal said. “He’s transparent.”

The groups expressed respect for the other six candidates John Khan, Mike Untermeyer, Tariq El Shabazz, Lawrence Krasner, Terese Carr Deni and Jack O’Neill, who will take ballot slots two through seven.