ANTHONY’S, 4990 State Road (Drexeline Shopping Center), Drexel Hill.

The good news: It’s cheap. A small “Meatball Sub” is just $4.99. Why anyone uses the term “sub” in this town escapes me, but there you have it.

anthonys 2 5. Anthonys

(Photo credit: Glen Macnow/WIP)

The bad news: Everything else. My eating partner this day found the sauce on our sandwich to taste sour. The bread was mushy. The blend of veal, pork and beef was too dry. It had an unpleasant, gamy aftertaste. Indeed, a few bites in I felt like I was eating a sponge that someone had left too long in the sink basin.

Anthony’s has its share of fans and has operated a successful business for 20 years. I’m sure there are dishes they must do well. It is a sit-down restaurant, a catering and banquet center and a take-out place. On this day we opted to take out. A few bites in, we opted to throw it out.

Score: 40/100