Home Centers, Clothing Stores, and Bakeries? Likely To Suffer In Snowstorm

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For all the kids rejoicing over a snow day, there are plenty of businesses grumbling about lost sales, including from three sectors especially hard-hit.

It’s a $65 million hit for hardware, and home improvement stores in Greater Philadelphia.

Evan Gold with the business weather intelligence firm Planalytics in Berwyn said, “Money that home centers are hoping you’d spend on outdoor lawn and garden care items, grass seed, fertilizers, etc. that simply is not going to be sold this year and was purchased during the same week last year.”

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Gold says it’s too late in winter to sell enough shovels, salt, and snowblowers to make up for the loss.

With mall traffic curbed, specialty clothing stores lose a few days of spring and even swimwear sales.

Gold says the calendar is cruelest to bakeries: March 14 — 3.14…

“…is Pi day, so for bakeries that are looking to sell a lot of pies, they’re probably not going to sell them. And those sales are likely not going to be made up,” said Gold.

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Comcast is one business that benefits on snow days — alongside other on-demand streaming services.

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