Senator Bob Casey, Senator Pat Toomey, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Town Hall
By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On Sunday, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey held a town hall meeting in Philadelphia on issues such as Medicare, and Russia’s involvement with the United States election.

During his 90 minute town hall session at the University of Pennsylvania, Senator Casey was met with mainly cheers, and agreements from the crowd. He also praised the attendees for what he calls, an uptick in involvement in the political process.

“The same people that are marching are often the same people that are going to meetings and are online,” said Casey. “I’ve never seen the kind of serious commitment to holding elected officials accountable.”

Senator Casey touched on a number of topics during his discussion, the main one being healthcare.

“One of the big issues we’re facing, is the effort by republicans to repeal the affordable care act, to also decimate Medicaid,” he said. “We’re going to fight like hell against both of those actions.”

Many of the attendees said the are happy Senator Casey held this town hall in Philadelphia, and they want his senate counterpart Pat Toomey to do the same.

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