3pm- Will passing the proposed GOP healthcare bill drive up health insurance costs while simultaneously costing the Republican party some of its voters?

3:10pm- Sen. Rand Paul says that Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill is dead on arrival and that Republicans need to scrap bill and start over. 

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4pm- Rep. Maxine Waters says that the unsubstantiated anti-Trump claims in a Russian dossier are absolutely true and that he should be impeached. 

4:15pm- Attorney General Jeff Sessions is requesting the resignation of 46 U.S. attorneys in the Justice Department. 

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4:30pm- Mike Quinn, President and CEO of the Museum of the American Revolution, joins the show to talk about the museum and its big open on April 19th. 

5pm- Matt Taibbi, of Rolling Stone magazine, wrote an article warning that Democrats and members of the media will likely not get the Trump/Russia bombshell conclusion they have been selling to the public and that could lead to Trump being immune to all criticism going forward. 

5:35pm- Daylight Saving Time takes effect this Sunday. But does it help anyone?

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5:45pm- On her TV show, Samantha Bee mocked a cancer patient for having a “Nazi haircut.”