By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As we spring forward this weekend, many of us will lose an hour of sleep. But feeling a little sleep deprived is nothing new for many people.

Jon Hanford heads to work most days feeling a little tired.

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“I would say I get six hours a night if I’m lucky,” he said.

Adults are supposed to get eight hours of sleep each night, but a new CareerBuilder survey finds only one-in-five workers actually reach that goal.

That means millions are working on too little sleep, and most say it has an impact on their job.

In the survey, people say being tired makes them less productive and less motivated. It also affects their memory and makes them crabby.

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“You feel like the whole day is going by, and you can’t wait to get to sleep that night,” said landscaper Kevin Judge.

Many people can’t escape work, even when they’re sleeping.

65% of people say they dream about work. One-in-ten say it happens often.

“I’ll have nightmares that I forgot a deadline, or I have something that was due,” said lawyer Annette Lalic.

And half of those surveyed say thinking about work keeps them up at night.

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The study also found one-in-five workers have called out sick just so they could catch up on sleep.