3pm- Sen. Rand Paul says that the White House is attempting to convince conservative members of the house and senate to vote for the GOP House healthcare bill.

3:05pm- Sen. Ted Cruz says the newly proposed GOP healthcare bill will not be passed in the senate unless drastic changes are made to the bill. He is hopefully that necessary corrections can be made.

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3:10pm- Is the GOP proposed healthcare bill even worse than Obamacare? It could doom the Republican party in the 2018 and 2020 elections. 

3:30pm- Rep. Jim Jordan says he will not be voting for the GOP healthcare bill. 

3:40pm- While on The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, actress Cate Blanchett claimed that her morality is the result of her genitalia. 

4pm- According to The Heritage Foundation, the newly proposed GOP healthcare bill misses the mark because it does not address numerous problems that saw healthcare costs rise under Obamacare.

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5pm- Samsung plans to expand manufacturing in the U.S.

5:10pm- The NRA and ACLU joined forces to roll back an Obama era rule that blocked gun ownership fro certain U.S. citizens. 

5:20pm- An anti-Trump protester screamed continuously during a Trump rally.  

5:30pm- Rachel Bovard, Director of Policy Services for The Heritage Foundation, joins the show to discuss the House GOP Obamacare replacement bill.

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