PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Republican National Committee Spokesperson Lindsay Jancek championed the long awaited GOP replacement for the Affordable Care Act, telling Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 that Donald Trump and Republicans in Washington are delivering to voters on their campaign promises.

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“What you’re seeing from the president, from other Congressional leaders is excitement that we’re actually doing this the right way. We’re doing this in plain sight for all of America to see what’s happening. They can go to a website. They can go read the bill. We can tell fellow citizens the nightmare of Obamacare is about to end. We’re doing what we said we would do, both the president and Congressional Republicans, which is repeal and replace this law, which is crashing.”

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Jancek said feedback from all sides was sought out during the construction of their alternative to the ACA.

“The speaker does believe in regular order. That’s something he’s been adamant about since since he took control of the House. He wants the committees to write the legislation. He wants to get input from other members of Congress, both from the House and the Senate side, that may not be committee members of jurisdictions. Those committees are going to mark up the legislation and then it’s going to go to the budget committee and the rules committee, which is regular order. Again, it’s an open and transparent process and it’s allowing everyone that needs to have a seat at the table to have input and give input so we can make this bill as strong as it could possibly be.”

She believes passage of this legislation will give patients and doctors more say over their health care.

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“I think the one thing that you’re hearing from both sides is we not to the discrimination of people that want to go in the free marketplace and buy the healthcare of their choosing. This really does that. This allows the choices, but the most important thing it does, which is take the power out of Washington, and it puts it out of the bureaucracy and puts it back into the doctors and the patients, where it always should have belonged in the first place.”