PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Milwaukee County Sheriff and cable news commentator David Clarke fired criticism at former Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey during an interview on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT with Chris Stigall, calling Philly’s former top cop a catastrophe for the force.

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“I don’t know the current Police Chief or Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department but I knew the previous one, Chuck Ramsey. I’m not afraid to say this…Chuck Ramsey was a disaster. Chuck Ramsey sold out. He’s been a politician his entire life, when he came from DC, the Metro police over there. He’s in bed with the political class. He was one of the front runners on this transformation of policing that Barack Obama was trying to shove down our throats. Chuck Ramsey was one of the ones that Obama propped up as being in support this. This would’ve been a disaster.”

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Clarke alleged Ramsey wanted to change the way police work is done in a way he vehemently opposes.

“I’ve worked long and hard over the last couple of years to defeat this inane idea, transforming America’s crime fighters into something that they weren’t. They were trying to emasculate the police officers all across America. They were talking about stuff like engage in more dialogue, stuff like de-escalation when you’re being fired upon, spit upon, fought. They’re chasing suspects down streets and in between buildings in neighborhoods. Police have to approach these individuals. Some them, many of them, are armed and they want to talk like we’re supposed to be social workers. Here’s what I said, if you want social workers to do this job, then go get somebody who is trained, who is educated in social work. There’s no social worker alive that would do this job. No way. They’d say are you kidding? That stuff’s dangerous.”

Clarke, who also discussed his new book, Cop Under Fire, said he continually feels the need to speak out in defense of police.

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“Somebody had to fight back on behalf of this profession…There’s a false narrative out there. Not only about me, as the left tried to define me into something that I’m not, but also this war on cops that’s smearing, if you will, this malicious malignant of the character, the service, the sacrifice of the American law enforcement officer.”