Jeff Bolton in for Rich.

3pm- In a series of tweets, Donald Trump accused the Obama administration of wiretapping him and his campaign team. 

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3:20pm- Rep. Trey Gowdy said that we can’t rely on anonymous sources when consulting an investigation in wire tapping.

3:35pm- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says that Donald Trump’s claims of a wiretap are a deflection and the act of an authoritarian leader. 

4:30pm- Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton joins the show to discuss intelligence leaks that have occurred during the Trump administration. 

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4:45pm- While on “Meet the Press”, Sen. Chuck Schumer said that Trump is in trouble regardless of whether or not wiretap claims turn out to be true.

5:35pm- Michael Mukasey thinks there may been surveillance on Donald Trump or his team.

5:40pm- Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley says he plans to investigate claims that the FBI was paying a British spy for Trump intel. 

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