Pat Toomey, Senator Pat Toomey, Social Media Conversation, CBS Philly Protesters Voice Displeasure With Sen. Toomey At CBS Philly – CBS Philly
By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It was an unwarm welcome for Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey on Monday, as he held a live social media conversation discussing his work in the nation’s capital.

About a half-dozen protesters lined up in front of the KYW/CBS3 studios to voice their dismay with the senator as he made his way into the building.

Protesters say their requests to have an audience with Toomey, to discuss issues they have with his policies, have fallen on deaf ears.

One protester said, “I get form letters saying ‘thank you for your letter, be sure to know that we’ll get back to you.'”

Another protester added, “I am out here today, just as these women, because I think Senator Toomey owes us some face-to-face time. I would really like a face-to-face meeting. I would like to sit down with him and express my concerns.”

The protesters say they have concerns about the environment, the Affordable Care Act, and education, but Toomey will not listen to them.

“We want to have a constructive conversation with our senator and to have him meet our eyes and basically understand why we are coming out every week,” said Vashti Bandy.

Many in this group have been at odds with the senator and the idea of town hall meetings for months.

They stage a weekly meeting at his Center City office known at “Tuesdays With Toomey”.

“Somebody’s gotta break ranks and talk to the vast majority of people, which we are,” said Mary Anne Schiller.

People like Mary and Terry  Baraldi from Lansdown want to see Sen. Toomey face-to-face.

“We would like him to agree to a town hall meeting, in person, not via electronic,” said Baraldi.

Protesters say they will continue to hound the senator until he sits down with them.