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hirsch-for-postcardMedical exams aren’t just for patients – medical science examines itself constantly, crunching data old and new, re-visiting theories and procedures to assess how well they improve a patient’s health and well-being. It can prompt discarding old theories or lead to breakthroughs… or simply confirm the effectiveness of treatment approaches.

Taking care of your ticker is STILL a lifelong process that requires specific behaviors, according to Dr. William Hirsch, Chair of Cardiology at Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Burlington County. He says that at a minimum, there are still no substitutes for regular exercise and an overall health-conscious lifestyle that includes a diet low in processed foods, saturated fat, sugar and sodium to give yourself the best chance for a cardiovascular system in peak form. There ARE, however, fresh approaches to incorporating all of the above to avoid a cardiovascular event such as heart attack or stroke, even if your family or personal history has led you to feel it’s your fate.

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KYW’s Rasa Kaye talks with Dr. Hirsch about the latest findings in predicting and preventing a cardiovascular event.

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