By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Friday is a big day for video game fans. The Nintendo Switch was released at midnight.

No surprise then there were large crowds in South Philadelphia Thursday night of people hoping to grab the new system first chance they get.

Over 50 people lined up outside the Best Buy on Columbus Boulevard, like Temple student Will Johannesen, who knows this is a special time for Nintendo:

“I’m excited for them to become a thing again. The Wii U didn’t do too well and this seems like it’s going to be a big thing.”

While Will found himself toward the back of the line, unsure if he’ll even get a console, Scott Bigos was much closer to the front, confident he was close to being a Switch owner:

“First thing I’m going to do is play Zelda. And I’m going to play it all night. I don’t know when I’m going to go to sleep. It’s going to be bad. Not going to be a very productive month probably. We’ll see.”

One person who definitely is walking away with a Nintendo Switch is Mike Carroll. He was first in line, waiting since 3:30 in the afternoon Thursday.

“I’ve had every single one of their systems. Nintendo has been doing a good job staying innovative with their products, giving us something unique and different with this system that makes us want to come out here and sit in the freezing cold.”

Bitter temps brought out lots of hats and gloves, but did nothing to cool down the excitement.

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