3pm- After denying having met with any Russian officials during his confirmation hearing, it turns out Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have met with a Russian ambassador during the campaign season.

3:05pm- Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he will recuse himself if necessary. 

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3:10pm- Sen. Ted Cruz said that meeting with ambassadors was part of Jeff Sessions job as a senator.

3:40pm- On CNN last night, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. John McCain discussed the Trump administration’s potential ties to Russia. 

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3:50pm- The ladies of “The View” think that Jeff Sessions has to go.

4pm- AG Sessions held a press conference to address concerns about the investigation into Russian ties to the 2016 presidential campaign.

5:20pm- Don Lemon falsely stated that Attorney General Loretta Lynch reused herself from the Clinton email investigation. 

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5:25pm- Democrat Congressman Cedric Richmond made a crude joke about KellyAnne Conway while speaking at The Washington Press Club Foundation’s Annual Congressional Dinner.